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"You can disagree with scientific facts all you like. That doesn't make you right."

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As our parents dropped us off, we started to walk into the area, to find a good spot to set the tent up, and we found one, next to a small river, we had brought plenty of water, clothing, which we wouldn't need much.

I told her I will. And she was raising her hip to get the attention of my lips.

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  • Знакомства
    Kigagor wrote 03.04.2018, 08:55: #1

    He is. All dumbasses are.

  • Знакомства
    Bajora wrote 08.04.2018, 21:42: #2

    What an ignorant statement. Race had nothing to do with it. They were pretty clear this only had to do with Indiana law.

  • Знакомства
    Shalkree wrote 16.04.2018, 18:33: #3

    I see my trust was displaced. Very well:

  • Знакомства
    Kajizahn wrote 23.04.2018, 09:28: #4

    I've tested it out and put it into action. After I've shared the gospel with others and told them about God. I prayed with them and God's Spirit moved upon them in a way that they could physically feel it, God bearing witness of Himself to them, and backing up His word. I've also laid hands on the sick and they did recover - usually within the same hour.

  • Nz nude b b
    Zulkigal wrote 30.04.2018, 07:52: #5

    "Why Compare the Most Fundamentalist Christian with the Least Fundamentalist Member of Other Faiths?"========

  • Tekree wrote 09.05.2018, 16:52: #6

    Ah, the Red Star's last ditch effort to salvage "progressive" governance.

  • Dujar wrote 18.05.2018, 13:58: #7

    To be clear about the OP, I understand that you believe this. What I don't get are those questions. You answered 3 and 4 but you simply can't be serious about 1 and 2. I have a special follow up just for you... Was Jesus a sacrifice or not?

  • Nz nude b b
    Mujinn wrote 21.05.2018, 09:24: #8

    That you know of.

  • Gardazahn wrote 24.05.2018, 14:45: #9

    The next person who tries to turn this into an abortion debate is getting banned no questions asked. READ the topic and respect the wishes of the OP to NOT turn this into an abortion debate.

  • Moogushura wrote 27.05.2018, 16:55: #10

    Aside from the TIME cover, let's walk through the rest of your post.

  • Nz nude b b
    Takree wrote 01.06.2018, 07:56: #11

    Yup, without all the Christians falling into line, the 1st and 2nd world war would not of been the carnage that has been recorded. So much for love thy neighbour.......

  • Garg wrote 02.06.2018, 20:43: #12

    Yes, we should condemn Muslim barbarism.

  • Знакомства
    Mazugami wrote 09.06.2018, 01:05: #13

    You keep on trying to denigrate evolution as if it's false, yet all the evidence we have shows it to be a real event in nature. Evolution happens.

  • Nz nude b b
    Vorg wrote 12.06.2018, 03:52: #14

    A very telling report is from the American "Church Leaders" organisation that reveal the true situation regarding church attendance on any given Sunday.

  • Kagagore wrote 13.06.2018, 16:22: #15

    Awesome, comment RoFL

  • Знакомства
    Fauktilar wrote 21.06.2018, 17:54: #16

    There are no words insulting enough. Even abuse flatters you.

  • Jujind wrote 01.07.2018, 14:56: #17

    Jesus is here with us that believe , by way of the Holy Spirit , which indwells those who accept Jesus as their savior .

  • Nz nude b b
    Mugul wrote 08.07.2018, 01:46: #18

    The planet is not doomed really. Mother has a way of cleansing herself. She will repair herself. It is we humans who are pretty much doomed. Again, we must immediately stop all use of fossil fuels and the like. But hey, most humans will not even give up their two block drive to the nearest neighborhood store to buy their butts and beer.

  • Знакомства
    Dugis wrote 11.07.2018, 15:36: #19

    Thanks! I'll listen to this to detox all of the meetings I have in about an hour ugh.

  • Nz nude b b
    Dasar wrote 16.07.2018, 00:07: #20

    I don't believe there was a historical Jesus.

  • Shaktikasa wrote 19.07.2018, 10:05: #21

    This dude is such an asshole.

  • Знакомства
    Teshakar wrote 21.07.2018, 12:06: #22

    As you judge other folks, you certainly judge yourself and your own culture. As you forgive others, show tolerance, patience, compassion, you do that to yourself, your own culture.

  • Mazujin wrote 31.07.2018, 01:35: #23

    Yeah I think some men and some women are just wired differently when it comes to that.

  • Nigore wrote 01.08.2018, 03:19: #24

    I will have to watch it! Maybe at lunch! : )

  • Fenrir wrote 08.08.2018, 05:44: #25

    I see no good news in them

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