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Defenses to work place sexual harrassment

"All false claims should be punished."

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  • Tojabar wrote 06.03.2018, 19:17: #1

    Smh. This thread is about Bible archaeology, not fossils.

  • Dozahn wrote 14.03.2018, 23:20: #2

    Right after that group of atheists took over planes and flew them into the twin towers.

  • Знакомства
    Kazrale wrote 22.03.2018, 16:43: #3

    Right, I don't think any other person should attempt to redo it. It's like trying to redo the Thriller video... just no. Or at least, wait 30 years until any attempt is made.

  • Gokora wrote 01.04.2018, 15:05: #4

    Wow. I didn't see that. That was a sh*t response with little sincerity.

  • Bragul wrote 02.04.2018, 19:57: #5

    well. we shall agree to disagree then. Cheers anyway tomtype

  • Defenses to work place sexual harrassment
    Kazrara wrote 05.04.2018, 07:15: #6

    Sure it does I have grown more as a person in suffering that I ever have in comfort. We are just so accustomed to comfort that we see suffering as antithical to our existence. Where in reality it is part of our existence and is required for human development.

  • Nikotaxe wrote 07.04.2018, 08:52: #7

    You do not need ANY religion to have care or concern for the future of our species. Religion does not constitute good moral behavior. So why then would we assume its needed to have morals?

  • Tygokora wrote 16.04.2018, 08:33: #8

    Its many years since I read it but I remember it being quite good.

  • Defenses to work place sexual harrassment
    Vuzuru wrote 27.04.2018, 03:46: #9

    That post is actually from a paper I did for a history class many decades ago. Before the Internet. I'm pretty sure you can Google all of those law collections and examine them for yourself.

  • Arashimi wrote 28.04.2018, 16:13: #10

    Not surprising; the Devil is a leftist.

  • Tejas wrote 07.05.2018, 14:08: #11

    Hypocrisy on the left is par for the course.

  • Arashirn wrote 13.05.2018, 22:30: #12

    ughhh... yes i miss my luscious hair and perfect health.

  • Defenses to work place sexual harrassment
    Mezizshura wrote 20.05.2018, 18:32: #13

    "Asserting more things without evidence is not evidence."

  • Gror wrote 25.05.2018, 20:09: #14

    This piece by Matt Walsh sums it up nicely.

  • Taujin wrote 04.06.2018, 08:54: #15

    Unfortunately, the authors of any book of antiquity is no longer with us so everything from the past is unsubstantiated. It is up to us to dig, seek and find the truth, right?

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